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RV LiFePO4 Battery 24V 320A

LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE: This is WINA LiFePO4 battery.WINAH's deep cycle lithium ion batteries have unlimited mounting capability, exceptional longevity, and are more cost effective.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERSATILE: At the same capacity battery, KEPWORTH's lifepo4 battery weighs only 1/3 of the lead-acid battery.With no acid in the battery, you're able to safely mount in any position. This makes li-ion batteries perfect for marine, RV, campers, golf cart, off-road and off-grid applications!
GREEN ENERGY BATTERIES: Made from 100% safe, nontoxic, renewable energy, WINA Batteries last for more cycles and can be charged and discharged repeatedly (and charge faster than any other battery). We make our renewable, sustainable green energy batteries because they’re simply better than anything else out there, including other green batteries.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE:We test (and re-test... and re-test again) literally every battery we ship and all of our batteries come with an industry-leading 10 year warranty. We believe you should be as confident in your battery as we are.
1.Charging connection port: Can be charged with lithium battery charger.
2.Power switch: Power switch controls the power of USB and voltage display.
3.BMS protection board:BMS protects the battery to balance charging.
4. Discharging Temperature: -25~80Centigrade
5. Extremely Low self-discharge: <3% for LIFEPO4 versus >20% for SLA Battery. Long Service Life: Its cycle can reach as long as 3000-5000 times which is 7-10 times of SLA (the SLA battery is 300-500 times only).
6. Maintenance free: LifePo4 battery don't include any liquid then it is maintenance free.
7. Good performance, Lightweight: Weighs about 1/3 of same capacity SLA Battery.
8. Low Attenuation Rate: The attenuation rate of LifePo4 Battery is 5% per year, and SLA is 40% per year.
9. No Hazmat, Cleaner for the environment: Cleaner for the environment, No Hazmat.

wina modular batteries are advanced solutions for battery applications that can be connected in series or parallel to increase the voltage or capacity of the battery. They are widely used in devices that require high capacity or high voltage. Such as off-grid or micro-grid systems, UPS systems, security systems or portable medical equipment. wina modular batteries are equipped with BMS systems for lithium iron phosphate battery packs, providing better safety in use and longer service life. wina provides customization services for lithium iron phosphate battery application solutions, which can be used to replace lead-acid solution batteries to meet the needs of customers' power equipment.



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