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WINA battery manufacturers
Shandong WINA battery factory is a high-tech enterprise integrating lithium battery research and development,  customization, professional production and sales service. Since its establishment, Shandong WINA battery Factory  has been producing and developing all kinds of car batteries, RV batteries, marine batteries and leisure batteries,  serving customers in the global industry.
WINA battery factory Carrying out the research and development and production of lithium battery diaphragm, we have  developed the international leading new high-security composite diaphragm material, which has the advantages of low  cost, high safety and high energy storage performance, especially the heat-resistant temperature of more than 200  degrees Celsius, which can fully meet the safe operation of power battery under extreme conditions, and can  significantly improve the safety performance of the battery while reducing the cost of the battery.
As a highly innovative company, we provide customers with overall energy system solutions. Advanced management  concepts, excellent R&D team, first-class products and services constitute our core competitiveness.
Solutions and products in the field of energy are widely used in aerospace, satellite navigation, high-energy  physics, railway infrastructure, public safety, power communications, medical electronics, commercial finance,  security communications, transportation logistics, exploration and mapping, photovoltaic energy storage and 3C  consumer electronics, and with many partners at home and abroad. It has made a satisfactory value contribution to the  vast number of users.
WINA battery factory looks forward to the future with an open eye and continuously deepens the global strategic  cooperation. To meet the ever-changing personalized, diversified and internationalized needs of users, we are  committed to continuously upgrading the deep customization solutions for users with special environment, special  performance and special requirements.
WINA battery factory strive to be the best lithium battery manufacturer in the world.




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